What Are GMOs?

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are generally created by large corporations who modify the genetic makeup of plants to make them hardier in rough conditions, more resistant to disease and parasites, and more fruitful. GMOs are controversial for several reasons. Whether you avoid GMOs or consume them, they are manmade variations on naturally occurring plants. Existing on a large scale on farms under the open sky, their modified genes will propagate among the naturally selected plant gene pools, thus altering the environment’s biodiversity.

Soil Preparation

hands holding soil

Soil prep includes testing, soil aeration, and composting. These steps are essential for giving your plants the nutrients they will need to grow disease-free. If you want quality, start with the soil.

Choosing Plants

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Choosing the right plants for your environment and lifestyle will take up most of your organic garden preparation. Know what plants fare best in cold, hot, soggy, or dry climates. Time your planting accordingly.


woman standing proud with greenhouse behind her

Maintaining your organic garden in a truly organic way is the truest test of your commitment to natural gardening. Give your plants the best water, mulch, and pesticides to keep your garden organic.


girl holding a basket of leafy greens looking at a little girl

The time, quality, quantity, and duration of your harvest period will vary depending on what plants you’ve cultivated, when you planted them, and how often you harvest. Don’t forget to reap what you sowed!

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